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Night at the Salon


I am so grateful to every single person who helped make my artshow last night the funnest evening for me as an artist... so far. Thanks to Chris Cook co-coordinator and producer of super tasty beers at Lanikai Brewing Company that everyone loved last night, and Thomas Chenette, co-coordinator and hair artist at my now favorite venue and salon, The Black Cat Salon & Spa. Together, Chris & Thomas produce The Kaimuki Pop-Up Culture Gallery, allowing artists, like myself, to monthly showcase the results of our sweat, tears, sleeplessness, and passion. Thanks also to Jennifer Hee (Of Juicy Brew) for making the delicious and nutritious snacks, schlepping them over, and presenting them ever so beautifully. Thank you, too, to Lucie & The Perfect Wave for the perfect tunes! Lastly, thank you to everyone who stopped by even for just a quick-pop in to say hello and check-out my work. You made the time and it made me feel very special. My friend Brian Lam (here' s a pic of us I stole from him) even spent part of his birthday at my show (and purchased one of my pieces to boot!). You guys made this girl's little heart swell... Speaking of swell- there's one here now, so SEA YA in the water, ya'll. But for now, a nap.

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