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Waikiki Walls Dreaming

I can count with one hand– make that half a hand– the number of bodyboarders who seem "normal" to me, so when a friend commissioned me to paint Waikiki Walls, I cringed at the idea that the first humans on waves (I usually paint surferless waves) I paint would be boogie boarders. But after listening to my friend explain how memorable Walls is for him, I was honored to paint it for him.

"...that's how it all started for me", he said. "Bodysurfing and boogie boarding at Walls. Surfing Canoes and Queens–then off to bigger and bigger waves up North."

Walls is that kiddie pool most of the south shore kids start on to get comfortable in the water. Though there are some badass boogie boarders and surfers who charge it on a good south swell. And in a way, as a painter, Walls is also my kiddie pool. Instead of painting full figures, like equally cringe-worthy stand-up paddlers, at least I only have to paint half of a boogie boarder!

Waikiki Walls Dreaming.JPG

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