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Are You Gonna Eat That?

Hilo is that friend who shows up at your dinner party high as a kite but still manages to make connections in a grounded and heartfelt way, and then points at your plate and asks "are you gonna eat that?". I kinda fell in like a lot with Hilo this summer and I hope to come back as often as I possible.

During the pandemic, I spent some time in Volcano and very much loved exploring the Park and hiding up high in the cooler elevation. It was a much needed change of scenery and I knew this already, but it made me re-realize how much I love and miss the ocean once I'm away from it for even just a few days.

In my last Volcano visit, I decided to finally give Hilo and Honoli'i a spin. I rented a soft-top for a couple of days and was also loaned a beater board from the lifeguard shack for a session one day. The waves were nothing to write home about, but the sessions did the trick for dried gills. I loved Hilo, but I am grateful to come back home to O'ahu and the North Shore specially, for much better and consistent waves.

I love this view of Honoli'i.


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