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'Nalo Sunday

Spent Sunday helping out my farmer guy at the farm harvest, clean, package, and eventually deliver chards, a couple of kale varieties, green beans, and dill to name a few. Farming is no cake walk, but making a delicious and nutritious dinner made mostly of what your green-thumbed partner in crime and grime grew and that you helped harvest just a couple of hours before makes all the hard-work seem like turning that not-cake walk into a cake itself and then eating it too. Basically, farming is an edible cake walk. There– tie that up with a big red bow.

Pigeon Peas

These might just be the loveliest beans I've ever spiled.


This will be my next vegetable painting. I truly couldn't believe how beautiful the colors were that surrounded me. Instead of harvesting, I was often caught red handedly snapping pics instead of snipping stems.

farmer's gf

I am going to be so regular! Poop poop– errr, woop woop!

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