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3-Piece Nugget

"3-Piece Nugget" acrylic on 16"x24" 3-panel canvas]

This 3-panel righthand pointbreak is to be mind-surfed by my friend, Carnet, a regular-foot, complex-minded, boy-man with an affinity for whiskey or any good liquor for that matter, and food—gosh yes, good food. I hope that this 3-piece suits one of his home's walls in Sausalito.

I struggled with this piece becaue I was jammed in the mindset that a long right-hand break in a 3-panel set-up should be in the landscape position and not portrait. But once I entertained the possiblity and accepted the challenge I was able to really get into it. This piece is still, by far, the longest I've taken to finish a painting. You'd think blobs of white for whitewash would be easy enough to lay down. Not at all.

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