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Laarni En Plein Air

It's Aloha Friday and the Gedo Studio is mobile and en plein airing it out at the farm today. Painting outdoors is pretty amazing and I'm hitting myself on the head with my brush jar, not only because I may be a masochist, but also for waiting so long to discover this for myself! But really, why "loiter in winter while it is already spring" as Thoreau would say. Or as Bob would say "get over it".

Now that I'm done loitering I vow to paint more outdoors for so many obvious reasons:

  • Hawaii is beautiful.

  • Vitamin D is a-ok

  • Natural light does to things what alcohol does to people

  • Change of scenery or habit is good for the soul and keeps you on your toes (there are some puns in there somewhere).

And more importantly, painting outdoors is like being Young Frankenstein. You can bring life to even the most mundane or horrifying thing (like a clown unicycling on a sidewalk) in a way that sitting in a room cannot. When I look at paintings done outside, I can almost see and feel the wind in the art– I can see movement... and some dust and minute debris because you're outside... so whattayagonnado.

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