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Three of a Kind and a Bluff

An artist friend of mine, Rob Deloach, left Hawaii with his budding family for home, back to Georgia. I helped him pack his beautiful art pieces and he was generous enough to leave me some of his art supplies and scrap wood. With another help from a woodcrafter friend, Dave who helped me sand the piece down- I finally was able to paint on the beautiful and uniquely shaped piece.

The moment I took a good look of the wood piece, I immediately saw a cliffside set of waves with a big bluff (like Shipsterns Bluff) where the tall part of the piece is. I'm truly proud of how the piece turned out. It's funky, interestingly shaped, some-what moody, but still fun.

Three of a Kind and a Bluff will be on it's way to it's new home in San Diego.


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