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Real World, North Shore

Today Bob and I begin our grandest adventure yet—the exploration of country living. Bob of Counter Culture Hawaii will seek knowledge from the Chandlers of the land, eventually becoming one himself. In the meantime, Bob will farm the crop out of his recently won and acquired 5-acre land in Haleiwa to produce produce that he will ferment for all to shred for a good gut feeling. Now that I've wallowed myself silly out of the funk of leaving Mānoa, I am finally excited to explore, create more, and sling my art on the other side of the island. In between painting, I plan on channelling Mia Peeples and teaching tourists, for a fee of course, how not to speak Pidgin by speaking a lot of Pidgin. Once I acquire a horse, I also plan on starting a beachside transport/medic service called Höver (it won't suck) where I tandem side-straddle my passengers from point a to point b. I haven't ironed out the details yet so please hold off reservations.

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