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Sail & Surf Mission

Some of my good friends and I were lucky enough to have been part of a culinary fundraiser for a Cambodian orphanage this weekend. We manned and womanned food booths and served the best bruschetta, gnocci, and malasadas and ice-cream known to mankind or womankind even–but definitely not animalkind, because they surely have a different palate or pallettes for that matter in case they are artists as well.

Drunk with stratiatella (waive hands around as you say this with an accent, while stroking your fake mustache), we made surf and sail plans with Captain Jared for the next morning. I had plans of "working", but a lingering south swell and good times on a boat with left over stratiatella cheese and bread and friends was too much of a no-brainer type dilemma. Much mellowness and relaxing were had and we all have a second-degree sunburn to prove it.

surf and sail mission.JPG

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