Hammock Love

March 10, 2014

Here's a simple fix to some of life's unhappiness:  Do more of what you love.  Though drinking and eating and a few other things might be tricky in the long run.


For such a simple idea, I don't know why it's not easier to do.  Maybe I'm managing my time inefficiently?  Maybe I'm too caught up in updating my social media accounts?  Maybe I've forgotten what I love to do?  Maybe it's time to unplug a little and dig deeper--- and remember what makes us happy.  


Surfing makes me happy.  Creativity and painting make me happy.  So do camping, hiking, and bacon.  But what I've forgotten that I used to love love love to do is hammocking.  Everyone should have a hammock.  Hammocks are like portals to your mom's womb---less gross and messy too.  I find warmth and security when in one and you have no choice but to surrender and be helpless. It feels like freedom.


And for what looks like $69,95, you too can have this freedom at REI.  I don't get any commission by the way, I just love the portal-bility, portability, and quality of these hammocks.  Hammock-set up is probably just as important as the hammock selection.  I use Microropes because even I can set-my hammock up after a few beers.  But if you're a true tree hugger, you might want to opt for the straps instead of the ropes which sometimes cut into the tree.  


Get a hammock, find some trees, and be happy.





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