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This 16" x 14" piece is my second ever of Diamond Head. This overlooks "Neil's Reef" specifically. The spot is between Cliffs and Mansions, and is more on the inside section where the reef is more visible at lowtide. It's named after "Neil", an older man who's spent most of his life working for the State and is a regular among the post-work crew. Most times, you'll see Neil by himself surfing this less-popular section of Diamond Head. He told me once that he liked to travel- mostly on cruises with his wife. Before that, he said that he and his wife would take their kids to National Parks to enjoy the outdoors. This was about when I first noticed Neil in the water- he was with his two young sons. He usually surfed and they boogie boarded. We were talking a few months ago and he mentioned that his kids are all grown and have finished college a few years ago. Other people's children remind me of how quickly time passes. They're like mirrors that I look into and it reflects the years that have floated by as I merrily float and surf my years away. Once in a while, I take a glimpse into the mirror and see how much I've grown. Part of me is saddened by the passing of time, but a much bigger part of me is grateful that I am still enjoying the ocean and surfing as much as I did 20+ years ago when I caught my first wave.


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