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Lip Service

Lip Service

"Lip Service"
acrylic on papyrus, approximately 18" x 26"
  • Details

    Papyrus and I are becoming friends. At first, I didn’t like its lumpy ways, but I’ve slowly grown to appreciate what I initially thought was a flaw. These days, I love how the light bounces unevenly on its surface beckoning– daring you to step in just… a little… bit… closer.
    “Lip service” was a term I heard often from my mother when I was a child when she scolded me. It was often preceded by the words “don’t give me that”. It was also often about me swearing again to not feed my lunch to the dog before hopping in the school bus. “Lip Service” to me now is the punishment the waves unleash upon me when I get too cocky when surfing. One moment I am cruising down the line of a wave feeling like a million bucks, and the next I am karate chopped on the neck by the lip (upper-most part of a breaking wave) sending me into an ugly spiral that bruises not only my body but also my ego. “Lip Service” is a reminder to stay humble.
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