August 21, 2015



This is Olivia on Blackerby Ridge in Juneau. She's from Alaska and so is her buddy, Cassie who moved to Hawaii a couple of years ago. Olivia visited Cassie and came across my hats and each bought one. Olivia thought she'd lost hers recently and was super bummed so Ca...

July 15, 2015

– do you believe in summer on the North Shore?  




March 21, 2015


August 8, 2014

Thanks to Iselle for not cramping my birthday tradition of catching my age +1 for good luck in waves and for providing an uncrowded (at least for the first two hours of my four-hour session) Queens in Waikiki.  Despite the mental breakdown I almost succumbed to during...

May 21, 2014

Longboarding makes me feel like a ballerina – and that's a big deal for someone like me who has two left feet and zero grace on the dance floor.  

(Photo by Ryo Kubota)



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